Generativity = Flourishing Together

As individuals, neighborhoods, communities, and society, generativity enables us to thrive in our fullest potential. When we live in communion with others, we can create and innovate in service to each other so that we may flourish.

Intrinsic Potential

The Acorn

You are an acorn – encoded within you is a uniqueness open to the possibilities of reaching your fullest potential as a thriving oak - you are not a pine tree and won't become one - your thriving oak and your potential are unique..

The Sun

The sun is our never-ending energy source that enlightens us to our own unique personal calling. This true-north, reason for being, faith, purpose, Big Why guides us to grow and flourish.

Environmental Conditions


Soil is the structure and culture where we receive our nutrients. We, within our communities, can work this soil to create the conditions for all acorns to germinate and grow.

Rain (Water)

Water connects the tree to nutrients that create chemical reactions critical to its growth and flourishing. Raindrops are our connections to each other through the relationships that we build and the support that we give to each other. As plants consist of 90% water, we too primarily consist of healthy relationships if we want to prevent our personal wilting


Air brings the intangible (carbon dioxide) into the tangible (the carbon of the tree) during photosynthesis. Learning is our air that brings intangible knowledge into tangible embodied action for our own fullness and development.

Resulting Outcome

Our Personal Flourishing Oak Tree

By keeping focused on the sun’s calling while attending to our environmental conditions (creating a generative culture, connecting with others, and absorbing our learning), we are destined to become our own unique flourishing oak tree