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JD Gildemeister | Food System Operations

JD brings over 20 years of experience in the hospitality field running restaurants, bars, catering operations, coffee shops, and most recently grocery as the General Manager of the Oshkosh Food Co-op.

He has demonstrated success in developing personnel/management to achieve high performance standards, while executing successful business proformas, increasing efficiency, and obtaining maximum results from limited material and manpower resources.

JD has volunteered for over 8 years working with area non-profits and low-income families providing resources and support to educate healthy eating while on a limited budget throughout the Appleton community. For 9+ years has led NEW Pride, Northwest Wisconsin’s LBGTQ+ organization.


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Tracy Huston | Community Needs

Tracy  brings over 16 years experience in the design, development, and evolution of generative communities, with a focus on co-evolving solutions for low income, unemployed, and at-risk populations, including youth. Her work with GLCI is an extension of Menlo Lab, a global network she co-founded in 2007 dedicated to advancing systemic solutions for local communities in need, with projects in Los Angeles, Detroit, Taos, and abroad.

Most recently, Tracy has evolved models for affordable community development in northern California, using a whole system approach to the integrated design of built environments, new business creation, and economic and social systems.

Tracy's works have been published by the Society for Organizational Learning, In2In Systems Thinking Network, and the Presencing Institute.


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Ashley Lueck | Grocery

Ashley has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 8 years, and 5 years ago, she took the leap into entrepreneurship by founding her own health and wellness business.

Over the past five years, Ashley has gained firsthand insights into the effects of our food choices on our bodies, which has fueled her determination to promote affordable and sustainable healthy eating for all communities.

Her focus centers on grocery stores and restaurants as the starting point for our health. She firmly believes that by reshaping the way consumers approach buying food, we can bring about a significant improvement in our overall health and, ultimately, in our quality of life.


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Mike Sandercock | IT Support


On paper, Mike leads advanced product quality at Pierce Manufacturing, where he implements processes to ensure every new product delivers the unmatched performance our customers expect. Behind all that is a passion for developing high-performing teams and changing organizational culture through problem solving.

Prior to joining Pierce/Oshkosh Corp., Mike served in various leadership roles in Actuant Corporation's management development program. Over the course of 7 business units (and cities), he quickly found that teams perform best when they're given freedom to leverage their uniqueness and safety to experiment and learn.

In his free time between work, GLCI, and chasing down two toddlers, Mike serves on the Board of Apricity Services and is COO of (CI)², an organization that provides pro bono continuous improvement coaching to NE WI nonprofits.

Mike holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.


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Jason Schulist | Flourishing on Investment

Jason Schulist focuses on Flourishing on Investment and founded the Generative Local Community institute to address thorny community problems by helping each person flourish to their full potential while accelerating community system impact. 

He has spent his 30+ year professional career shepherding corporate operational excellence initiatives yielding over $1B of bottom line savings while building employee capability.

Jason has two Masters Degrees from MIT and has been involved in many community initiatives including the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL), CI-Squared, and Imagine Fox Cities.


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Ted Toussaint | Design, Communications, and Launch

Ted brings 10+ years of experience using design thinking and lean methodologies to develop and scale new models of health care delivery. His write-up of his teams’ work at Atrius Health in Boston was published in Harvard Business Review in 2016.

Since then, he has worked with numerous large health systems to design, build, and coach strategic innovation teams focused on developing and scaling new models of care delivery including primary care system redesign, primary care health coaching integration, home-based urgent care, new patient process innovation, microclinic network development, mobile lab testing, and geriatrics care model redesign. 


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